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The WOW Effect!

Avalawn Landscaping knows what stands out: Brilliant color, great design, and proper care.  Our floral installations give you just that.  We call it 'The WOW Effect'!  Great care is given to select only the best flowers for your site and to make sure the floral design meets your needs.   From bright spring pansies, and colorful summer annuals, to stunning fall mums, you can count on a beautiful floral arrangement.  It's what has helped us win multiple 1st Place Awards for our clients.  Call us today so that we can design a floral installation that can give you 'The WOW Effect' this season!  Our goal is outstanding color.  Our results are 100% satisfaction.  Guaranteed.


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Impress Your Guests!

Nothing stands out more than a beautiful floral installation.  The appearance of your property can be greatly enhanced with the addition of color into the landscape.  Let us show you just how nice it can look.  Whether you want a simple installation of summer annuals, or colorful flowers for spring, summer, and fall, we are capable of designing the right arrangement.  We also offer installations for many types of hardy perennials as well.


Stunning Floral Installs:

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