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Yes, We Deliver!

At Avalawn, we go out of our way to find and stock the best of each product we sell.  Every product we offer can be delivered to your home or work site.  Many times delivered within the same day you placed the order.  We have trucks capable of delivering from 1 yard up to 16 yards per trip.  Our Service Area for deliveries covers the entire Greater Cincinnati Area.



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Our Products:

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  • Bulk Hardwood Mulch: 
    Click Hardwood for information.


  • Bulk Dyed Mulch:
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  • Bulk Cedar Mulch: 
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  • Sand, Gravel, and Topsoil:
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  • Bagged Mulch and Gravel:
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  • Seasoned Split Firewood:
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Or stop by and have us load your vehicle.


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