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Making Your Home
Into Your Castle!

Avalawn Landscaping understands the enjoyment you get from seeing your property look its best.  Our business has grown over the past 12 years because of 3 basic principles: Quality, Pride, and Consistent Service.  All of our employees are trained to uphold these principles and strive to maintain a 100% satisfaction for our clients. 



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We Deliver What We Promise:

Have you ever considered having your lawn or landscape done by a professional?  Have you ever hired a 'professional' lawn company but were slightly disappointed with the results?  If you answered "YES" to either of these questions, then we strongly recommend that you call Avalawn for our free estimates.  Avalawn Landscaping has a business strategy that is based on Quality.  Our clients deserve the right to expect responsiveness to their needs and full value for their dollar.  Right from the beginning you will notice the Avalawn difference, from our well dressed and knowledgeable employees, to our great attention to details.  With each and every scheduled property visit, our goal is to provide you with the quality and service you deserve.  Our residential Service Area covers a large portion of the Greater Cincinnati Area.


Our Residential Services:

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  • Lawn Mowing: 
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  • Landscape Maintenance: 
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  • Landscape Installation:
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  • Lawn Applications:
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  • Floral Installations:
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  • Snow Removal:
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